3. september 2015

Mountain Buggy Terrain: loose chassis


Do you have any tips to tighten up Mountain Buggy Terrain? Pram is shaking/vibrating side to side when jogging and even while walking but obviously not as noticeable when walking.

Mountain Buggy Terrainn
Suggested solutions:

Tightening the screws shown aroun chassis should help a little. Regarding the wheels, check that the tires are evenly distributed around the rims and that the wheels are properly inflated. Check that the ball bearings are in order (mountain buggy ball bearings tend to fall apart pretty easily), and check that the axles are slotted tightly into their mechanisms and locked in place. It's also possible that one or another plastic joint has broken so inspect these for cracks. Above the axle, looking at the stroller from the side, there is a small metal cap that holds the back end of the stroller together, check that these haven't fallen off or become loosened.

How to Tighten a Loose Mountain Buggy Chassis

How to fix or replace the ball bearings in a mountain buggy stroller wheel

How to Tighten the Front Wheel's Swivel Mechanism on a Mountain Buggy Terrain 

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