9. februar 2014

Emmaljunga Mondial Duo: Review and Maintenance Tips

      The Emmaljunga Mondial Duo seems exceedingly popular these days.  With its classy combination of clean color patterns, shiny chrome and white wall tires, many are willing to overlook the hefty price tag.  The Modial model is also highly functional in the extreme northern conditions for which it is produced.  Though a bit heavy and rigid, these qualities may be seen as positive when confronted with the prospect of driving through thick snow mid-winter.  The Mondial Duo is made neither for sports nor for lightweight and maneuverable mall shopping.  Both large and heavy, it is not for those with small cars or those who live on the 6th floor of a building without an elevator.  But if the qualifications you seek in a stroller are beauty and stability then you’ve come to the right place.
      Sold on the classic Emmaljunga chassis, the Mondial Duo sports a remarkably simple and stable design.  From a repair standpoint, besides rust (which can completely consume this stroller if not maintained properly) there are very few potential problem areas.

        Choosing one of the Leatherette patterns will make the stroller even heavier, but it looks great and is well insulated against the cold.  Don’t go and assume that rain will not affect the fabrics though.  Water may not seep through onto your child, but if uncared for, the leather will develop mold and mildew as quickly as any other fabric.  The leatherette model in general requires a good deal of maintenance if it is to keep that clean polished look.  The leather can crack, mold, stain and be faded by the sun.  We recommend always storing your stroller in a dry, warm place, keeping it clean (of particular importance with the lighter colors), using a leather cream once every couple of months and waterproofing the material twice a year.
          If the chassis develops rust, it can be removed by using products such as Rust Eater (be careful though, watch our video here).  The white wall tires can also be cleaned up easily using a little bleach and a spare toothbrush.

        Over all, BarnevognVerksted gives two thumbs up in relation to the repair of mechanical elements on the Emmaljunga Mondial Duo though we are slightly less enthusiastic about the maintenance required for the leather fabrics.  The white leatherette model is particularly gorgeous.  We won’t be buying it though, our hands are much to dirty…

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