22. juni 2015

Stokke Xplory: oiling


"Hello, I was just watching one of your very instructive videos on YouTube, in regards to the Stokke Xplory. You mention in this video that it is important to oil it. I was wondering if you have any additional information on which areas of the xplory one should consider oiling, and if there is an easy way to see where to put the oil.Regards"

Stokke Xplory


Regarding oiling of your Stokke Xplory stroller. Oiling is important, not just to prevent rust from gaining a foothold, but also to keep mechanisms functioning smoothly when sand and other small debris have worked their way between moving parts.
Stokke strollers have a lot of mechanisms that allow one to adjust the height or position of various components, that contribute to folding the stroller for storage or that perform specific functions, such as the brakes or the ball bearings in the wheels. To oil these mechanisms, you will need a spray an of oil such as wd-40 or CDC-56. You will want to use the straw attachment to make it easier to aim into cracks around buttons and levers.
Carefully go over your stroller, finding the various buttons and levers and spray a generous amount into the cracks around each ( there are several right up near the handle). Collapse the stroller and spray into the joint which has been opened up. Remove the back wheels and spray into the holes on the metal plates concealing the brake mechanisms (in the case, lie the chassis on its side, so that the oil can run into the mechanism, repeat for the other side). Oil the ball bearings in the wheels themselves, and when doing the for the front wheels, remove any hair or string that has wound itself around the axles (the front wheels are not easily removable, so just oil them while they are attached, if you turn the chassis upside down you can also spray oil around the shafts holding the wheels to the chassis).
Each time you oil in a given place, work the mechanisms a bit to make sure that the oil has sprad itself properly within (compress levers or buttons several times, and spin the wheels).

  Review of Stokke Xplory from the standpoint of repair can you see on our YouTube chanel.

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