24. juni 2015

Bugaboo Runner: First Impressions

Bugaboo Runner chassis
          Yesterday, we had the opportunity to test out the new Bugaboo Runner chassis and were impressed by the brand's continuing move towards creating sturdier chassis.

          Though I have not yet had the opportunity to open it up, the central locking mechanism seems to be of the same general design as the Donkey and Buffalo,with additional height positions and built-in suspension.  I can't wait for one to come in for repair so I can see how this is achieved.  The revised central locking mechanism launched with the Donkey and Buffalo is already strong enough that we've tended to see the aluminum handle break before the mechanism itself - a welcome change from the Cameleon design. 

          The stroller sports two brake-systems: a hand-driven front wheel brake for slowing down (useful particularly on the downhill), and a foot brake. As with other three-wheel jogging strollers, one can adjust the tracking of the front wheel to keep the tilt straight.  The wheels are sixteen inch, which is really nice.  They're metal as well, which is good, but be careful to keep them clean to prevent rust, especially if you live in a cold climate where the roads are salted in the winter.

The only complaint I have is that it would have been nice to have a swivel wheel option for those who want to use the Runner as more than just a jogging chassis, but maybe in the future...

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