21. mai 2015

Bugaboo Cameleon: when a brake cable is too short


"I just wanted to thank you for your great YouTube videos on Bugaboo
repairs. I would have struggled a bit if not for your generous
I did manage to install a spare brake cable for a Bugaboo Chameleon 2,
but there doesn't seem to be quite enough cable as the brake pad is
now permanently engaged. Any suggestions for how to extend the brake
cable slightly? I think I have allowed the loosest setting on the
adjustment screw, but it is still not enough. Right now I'm looking at
just removing it entirely and saying goodbye to the brakes entirely …


"Hi, glad the videos helped :-) It sounds like the cable was cut too short. This means you have to make another one unfortunately. At bicycle repair shops (or online bicycle parts retailers) it is ofen possible to buy a 'nipple,' a little metal cylinder, the same size as the plugs at the ends of the brake wire, with a hole, through which one can thread the wire, and a screw with which one can secure the nipple at the desired point. It is much easier to adjust the length of the wire with one of these than with the tying method I show in the video. Then you can cut the wire after you get the right length.


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