29. januar 2015

#emmettsstroller: Bugaboo Cameleon vs Donkey

       For the last eight months we have tested out a succession of strollers with our second son who was born in June of last year. Usually with our blog posts and videos, our focus is on evaluating strollers from the viewpoint of repair. However, having again become regular stroller users, we have discovered that there can sometimes be differences between judging a stroller's design when repairing it, which has more to do with simplicity, strong materials, ease of maintenance and general longevity and judging a stroller while using it, which is about comfort and ease of use.  As we continue to test out strollers with our new baby we will share our experiences as stroller consumers.

       For those who are following this series, after our brief use of a Mountain Buggy we moved on to a second transitional stroller, the Bugaboo Cameleon (the special edition all-black model).  From the beginning we knew that we wouldn't be using the Cameleon for long as we had used this model before and knew that it wasn't for us.  Don't get me wrong, the Bugaboo Cameleon is a great stroller provided one's intent is to use it in shopping malls or on city streets in the summer, but off-road, the relatively weak chassis and small front wheels make it difficult to use.  The Bugaboo Donkey (mono-variant, meaning one seat plus the shopping basket) that we switched over too and used all through the autumn and the first part of winter was, by contrast, a dream to drive.

    Regarding the Bugaboo Cameleon, we felt that it was generally too shaky too use.  Too often it felt as though the carry cot was tilted with our baby's head lower than the rest of his body and, after our time with the Emmaljunga Edge Duo on a sports chassis, the stroller, over all, felt too fragile, as though it might fall apart.  These negatives might be defused by using winter wheels, but, because of their inability to swivel,  this has always felt as if it defeats the purpose of using a Bugaboo in the first place, which is all about light-weight mobility.  Really, the only plus to our experience with the Cameleon as users was it's ease in folding and small size when packing it into the trunk of a car.

       The Bugaboo Donkey was an entirely different story.  This stroller provided everything we wanted in a Bugaboo under all driving conditions, and then some.  Not only was the Donkey capable of driving comfortably off-road and through snow, but it was capable of doing so with the front wheels in the swivel position, maintaining the smooth mobility which is meant to justify the price tag.  The Donkey felt both stable and light-weight, it fit through all doorways, the shock absorption was exemplary and, to top it all off, the side-slung shopping basket was absolutely brilliant.  All strollers should have one.  Really the only negative we could foresee with the Donkey is the size of the seat which is likely to be a bit too narrow in the winter for children over one and a half years, what with the need for thick clothes and padding. Just so it is clear, we are not sponsored in any way by Bugaboo, or any other companies for that matter and our adoration of this stroller is entirely genuine.

       The next stroller we'll be reviewing is the Baby Jogger City Elite, which we used throughout the winter.  As usual, please leave any questions or comments below.

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  1. Har dere noengang testet emmaljunga monkey? Vil jærne høre om +er å ÷er 😊

    1. Hei Hilde:) Nei vi har ikke kjørt monkey dessverre.Har hatt den til reparasjon flere ganger, og da gjald det fronthjul som ikke kunne låses,bremse som sluttet å funke,kalesje med ødelagte stanger og bruket håndtak.Så fra reparasjon sitt ståsted kan anbefalle å passe på det ekstra godt hvis du går for monkey:)


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