25. januar 2015

#emmettsstroller: Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

      For the last seven months we have tested out a succession of strollers with our second son who was born in June of last year. Usually with our blog posts and videos, our focus is on evaluating strollers from the viewpoint of repair. However, having again become regular stroller users, we have discovered that there can sometimes be differences between judging a stroller's design when repairing it, which has more to do with simplicity, strong materials, ease of maintenance and general longevity and judging a stroller while using it, which is about comfort and ease of use.  As we continue to test out strollers with our new baby we will share our experiences as stroller consumers.
  The next stroller that we tested out after using an Emmaljunga bag on two different chassis, was a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle.  We used a Mountain Buggy with our first child when he was two years old and I had remembered it as a relatively easy-to-use stroller.  In that case, we were using the seat however as opposed to the carrycot.

       Our general experience with the Mountain Buggy was poor, resulting in our rapidly switching it out for a different stroller.  Mountain Buggy, at least the Urban Jungle model, is another one of those cases where I have tended to value the stroller quite highly with regards to repair.  The mechanisms are simple and relatively easy to repair and the mostly metal chassis is highly stable and tends to last a long time.

       What we found, however, is that the stroller lacked sufficient shock absorption for off-road use.  As with the Emmaljunga Classic chassis, our child was jarred awake by the terrain and we were afraid that he might fall out due to the shallowness of the carrycot.

       This being said, on roads and across light terrain (like lawns and such) the Mountain Buggy performed quite smoothly.  The swivel front wheel was certainly a plus as was the light-weight construction of the chassis.  I guess in general this stroller is really more Urban Jungle than Mountain Buggy.  When our child is older, we might very well return to this stroller for use with the seat, but with the hard bag it didn't fit our needs.

       Next time I will compare our experiences with the Bugaboo Cameleon and the Bugaboo Donkey.  Feel free to leave questions or comments below.

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