19. mars 2015

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle: wobbly front wheel


"I have a 2005-07 MB Urban Jungle Double with a wobbly front wheel, but it does not have a plastic cap and only has a smooth round metal on top where your nut is in this video. Any idea on how to go about tightening?? Thanks!"


On some of the earlier models, a washer with teeth facing inwards to grip a groove in the shaft of the fork is used in place of a nut. Carefully pry off the washer and check how damaged the teeth are. If possible, go to a hardware store and replace it with a fresh washer, if not, use a hammer to flatten out the washer, especially the teeth as much as possible. Then examine the shaft itself. If there is a lot of rust within the groove you need to remove this with some sort of cutting tool. The idea is that the washer's teeth hold the shaft by being trapped within the groove. This is an inferior system to the newer forks that use a nut, and it is also possible to order a new fork from Mountain Buggy.

 Question was to this video: https://youtu.be/-mUm6mxkFx0

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